Why you should choose Energyfi’s Launchpad?

Hello everybody, on today’s article we are going to talk about the advantages of using Energyfi’s launchpad. It is mainly an article for the project creators that are looking to hold a public sale. Nevertheless as a normal holder you might learn a thing or two about Energyfi’s launchpad.

If you follow our twitter, you might have seen a spreadsheet that looks like this:

Edit April 2th: Energyfi MC is now of 800k$

As you can see, Energyfi’s launchpad is the cheapest launchpad with detailed fees as follows:

That alone is a solid argument to choose EnergyPad. But something that is also very interesting for project creators is the fact that on Energyfi’s Launchpad, the minimum liquidity to lock is 25% of the ILO which gives the team more freedom. Others launchpad force to team to lock up to 60% of the ILO which is a non-sense and damaging the real projects out there that really counts on the money raised to follow a strategic development plan on the long time.

Energyfi is providing solutions to real use-case problems that any team leading a serious project can encounter.

System of rounds

As you know, Energyfi’s launchpad is using a system of rounds. An ILO is made of two rounds:

Highly configurable

Also important to remember that EnergyPad was made for both users and creators. In the end, with Energyfi’s launchpad ILO creators have more flexibility and can easily meet their investors needs. A list of the parameters that ILO creators can modify:

If you are a member of a team who is looking for solution to hold a public sale, in a transparent and decentralized manner you should definitely consider Energyfi’s Launchpad. If you need help in the process of creating your ILO , you can refer to this article 👇

And if you have any questions regarding Energyfi’s Launchpad or the ILO creation process, you can approach our team members here:

🌐 Website: https://www.energyfi.io/
☂️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Energyfi_io
📚 Medium: https://energyfi.medium.com/
🗳 Telegram: https://t.me/Energyfi_official



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