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2 min readSep 14, 2022


Dear Energyfi Community,

Our team has been working hard these last weeks and we were due for some heads up. In the recent weeks we have been focusing on the bridge and the overall security of the Energyfi platform as it is a key element of our future operations. We are still working on the bridge safe redeployment. Once the bridge is fully back online, we will be able to focus on the CEX listing, as we are entering Q4.

To sum up, for the next weeks, our priorities are:

  • Energyfi Bridge Relaunch
  • EFT Centralized Exchange listing
  • Allocating our ressources to Echain development and a sustainable improvement of the Energyfi platform.

1/ Echain Network in a nutshell β¬‡οΈπŸŸ£

A lightning-fast, scalable, DeFi-oriented Layer-1 network focused on energy efficiency and interoperability.

2/The Vision: Echain X Energyfi πŸŸ£β™»οΈπŸŸͺ

Built on top of Energyfi, Echain will be directly connected to Energyfi. Therefore the Energyfi platform will be the base layer of dApps for Echain’s adoption, making it DeFi and adoption ready from the get-go.

It would therefore make sense to see the previous network integrations on Energyfi (Moonbeam; BSC) as real-life tests for Energyfi before the integration of Echain.

By focusing on the development of our Layer 1 network Echain using Proof-of-Green-Authority consensus, we are significantly increasing the potential of our ecosystem, all to the benefit of $EFT holders ($ECT Echain token airdrop + $EFT utility gain)

We believe that Energyfi should not be considered as an ordinary DeFi platform. It should not limit itself to integrate various networks overtime. Our true vision is to make it a centrepiece of a much bigger and promising ecosystem with its own Layer1 network.

Echain will mark the beginning of a new chapter in a journey that has started with Energyfi. Together Energyfi and Echain will compliment each other well and bring sustainability in the front of the crypto scene.

And if you have any questions regarding Energyfi or Echain, you can approach our team members here:

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