How to create an ILO?

In today’s article, we are going to see how to create an ILO on EnergyPad. This article is for projects creators we would like to hold a public sale.

Step 1: Go on

Step 2: Click on “Create ILO”

Step 3: Connect your wallet (we recommend using Metamask)

Step 4: Fill up the “General page”

⚠️ Note that: “This account will be the only account capable of adding presale information, editing presale contract parameters and unlocking liquidity.”

⚠️ A minimum of 10,000 units is required.

Step 5: Click on Next to Caps.

Step 6: Fill up the Caps page

Example of how the Caps page works

Step 7: Click on Next to Period

Step 8: Fill up the Period page

Step 9: Click on Next to Summary

Here you have a summary of your ILO. How many tokens are required to confirm the ILO creation is a sum of the tokens on sale + the tokens for liquidity and the fees for the launchpad. (we will detail all the fees down below)

Step 10: Click on Next to Socials

Step 11: Fill the Socials page

Mandatory to fill:

Step 12: Click on Sign

You will be asked to sign on Metamask.

Step 13: Click on Approve

And confirm the Metamask transaction.

Step 14: Click on Create Presale

Confirm the Metamask transaction. Once it’s done, congratulations, you have just created your ILO on EnergyPad. 🎉

How does EnergyPad works?

1/ System of rounds:

ILOs on EnergyPad have a system of rounds:

Round 1:
- Duration: 2hours.
- You need to hold in your wallet 50,000 EFT tokens to participate.

Round 2:
- Duration: until the end of the public sale.
- Everybody can participate.

2/ Other rules:


Token Recommendations

⚠️ Before creating your ILO we highly recommend you have your smart contract audited. Contracts not thoroughly audited may fail the ILO.

⚠️ Do not launch tokens with extra large supply (more than 1,000,000,000,000 for exemple) as PancakeSwap will not be able to launch, the “Initiate market” tx will fail.

⚠️ Do not use hardware wallet (like Ledger, Trezor) as some signatures will not go through. We recommend using Metamask.

⚠️ Tokens with tax: we highly recommend you to disable any tax on transfer or other special mechanisms on your token to ensure a smooth pair creation and market initialisation at the end of the ILO.

⚠️ Double check the router used, PSC v2 and not v1.

⚠️ You can test your ILO on our launchpad easily, it might be worth it to see if the creation process is smooth.

If you have any questions regarding the ILO creation process, please get in touch with us 👇

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