EnergyPad is now live on BSC testnet

Hello everybody, you might have seen it already but our launchpad is live on BSC testnet! You can access it here.

But what does it mean?

It means that the development of EnergyPad is almost completed. We are finalizing some details and running some tests. Our partner Chainsulting is finishing our audit. You can expect the results of the audit to be published this month.

Our launchpad will be operating on BSC mainnet only few days before the start EFT’s public sale and be the first ILO held on EnergyPad.

What’s next?

  • Our team is currently working on a BSC-AVAX bridge, which will be tested in December. The bridge is here to enrich our ecosystem of dApps and help the transition to greener networks.
  • Our team has also started to work on EnergySwap which will be running on Avax, Near and Echain.

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All in one DeFi platform for green networks

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All in one DeFi platform for green networks

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